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The following are testimonials left by real patients who have visited OmniCare Medical, and received treatment from Dr. Sarwan Seth and Dr. Maria Montes-Tayag.

Testimonials for Dr. Sarwan Seth

"Dr. Seth took the time to listen to my concerns; it is rare that doctors these days spend time with their patients and I was quite impressed with him in this regard. He has a large range of knowledge and was able to clearly explain things to me in terms I understood. I also found his staff to be very helpful. I will definitely be going back to this doctor."

"Dr. Sarwan Seth is the BEST! Such a gentleman. I have been seeing him for over 20 years and he has become like family. Excellent doctor!"

"Dr. Seth has taken care of me and my family for several years now. He is kind, informative and goes above and beyond. He is a gem in the medical community."

"I cannot recommend Dr. Seth enough. His office, his staff, his nurses and him are fantastic. Go see Dr. Seth!"

Testimonials for Dr. Maria Montes-Tayag

"Wow out of my 25 years this was the best doctor I have come across for primary care, and a physical she doesn't rush you at all she sits down and actually talks to you. She does not rush you at all and really made me feel comfortable. I was so impressed and I was able to get as much out of this visit as I could, more than I'd ever imagine. She is very honest and very open and warm, great visit."

"Dr. Maria is the absolute best, she was so friendly and easy-going. I have never had a Doctor so nice and I really love her, so much that I am going to make her my Primary Doctor."

"My visit went very well. Dr. Montes was very easy to talk to and explain things very clearly."

"This was my second visit. I felt that Dr. Montes-Tayag listened to me, was very attentive and very professional. I am definitely staying with her and will highly recommend her to my family and friends."

"My first visit with Dr. Montes-Tayag was great. She made my feel very comfortable and had a very nice smile. Told me what might be my problem and referred me to a specialist."